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Meryl and Abigail have been friends since they were teenagers. Their first creative project together, embarked upon at age fourteen and fifteen, was a solidifying element in their relationship. As they both pursued degrees in art and design, they realized that they were encountering the parallel hurdles of depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional struggles that affect many creatives

They have supported and challenged each other while learning how to constantly evolve as humans, artists, and creators. The Rising emerged in December of 2017 as a collaborative artistic endeavor that seeks to promote conversation, education, and community surrounding mental health.


Meryl is a sound artist and Abigail is a visual designer. Both are invested in the creation of new ways of hearing, seeing, and experiencing life and all it has to offer. The production of creativity is a deeply affecting process, one that forces the artist to dive into their mental habitat and make it strong enough to survive the process and results of creation. Mental health has therefore been a challenge that has popped up repeatedly in their pursuit of art, and the desire to better understand mental health in order to be better artists and humans was one of the initial sparks that ignited the movement that is The Rising.


Sound & Media Artist

Meryl has a BFA in Theatre Design & Production from the University of Michigan. Her colorful career has taken her to many corners of the creative universe including theatre design and construction at the National Theatre in London and with Macnas in Galway, museum curation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, building parade floats for the Detroit Parade company and setting the vibe within myriad clubs as an award-winning DJ.

Meryl has struggled with both generalized and social anxiety disorders, and depression.  Learning how to manage these disorders has been an ongoing process throughout her adult life and music and art has been a source of solace and positivity in times of despair. Her vision is that The Rising will use these creative elements to affect positive change in the lives of those suffering from loneliness, anxiety and despair.


Visual Artist

Abigail has a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has worked in many corporate design roles including textile/surface pattern design, graphic design, and apparel/accessory design. Currently she is a solopreneur offering design services when she is not busy working as a theatrical patternmaker.

Abigail has personally dealt with generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression, and been impacted by bipolarity in family relationships. These mental health challenges have been a struggle as she pursues growth and integrity as a creative, but they also have provided an opportunity to build strength in areas that she otherwise would never have had to focus on. She believes that the human brain is fascinating in its ability to heal and experience meaningful connections with other humans.